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Electromagnetic Fields

Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are energy fields surrounding anything using or creating electricity.    Up until a little over 100 years ago, human beings were never exposed to any EMFs.  Now our modern life exposes us to them constantly.  Our cells use EMFs to communicate with each other so outside sources can interfere with the communication process and therefore the healing process.

It is highly recommended to make your bedroom EMF free so that your body can maximize healing while you sleep.  Many people notice a better quality of sleep when EMFs are removed.  There should be nothing plugged in around your bed especially the following:

  • Televisions – a very strong source

  • Computers especially with CRT monitors - another very strong source.  LCD monitors that are  “TCO ’03” compliant are safer.

  • Electric clocks – moderately strong – If you must use one, keep them at least 6 feet from your head.  Battery powered LCD clocks are safe.

  • Telephones both cordless and cellular – both emit microwave radiation which can interfere with the healing process and the function of DNA.  If you use a cellular phone, it is best to use a special hands free kit which does not have a speaker in the earpiece such as the Aircom RF3 iFit  found at

  • Cordless phone bases.  The 2.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz models constantly radiate microwaves into the surrounding area even when not in use.  When in use, they put out up to 10 times more radiation than cell phones.  Keep them at least 2 rooms away from the bedroom.  The safest kind of cordless phones are the old 900 MHz analog types, which can sometimes be found on the Internet.

  • Wireless Internet or WiFi – they radiate microwaves into the area.

  • A process called Earthing helps to discharge extra electrical currents in your body. I recommend Earthing while you sleep. The vast majority of people report improved quality of sleep and preliminary studies show improvements in hormones and the ability to heal. To learn more, visit

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