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Overview of Dr. Ou's system

Dr. Ou's Philosophy of Healing

Dr. Ou's philosophy on natural healing has evolved over his 35 year experience with holistic medicine. (Note that like most ideas of holistic medicine, they are not currently accepted by conventional science)

Healers in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic Medicine, and indigenous cultures have the general belief or knowing that good health results from the proper flow of energy throughout and around the body.  In TCM and acupuncture, they describe this as the proper flow of Qi through the meridians.  In Ayurveda, they describe this as the proper flow of prana through the chakras. 

An orchestra can be used as an analogy.  When each musician is in tune and in sync with the conductor and the other musicians, beautiful music is created.  This represents good health with energy flowing properly.  If one of the musicians is out of tune or has a bad instrument, the music becomes distorted.  This represents the abnormal flow of energy and the beginning of disease.

What can cause an interruption in the flow of energy?

  • Unresolved psychoemotional conflicts

  • Infections - examples include Chronic Lyme and coinfections, chronic strep, parasites, yeast, other fungi, EBV, other viruses

  • Toxins -examples include mercury, aluminum, lead, geoengineering, glyphosate, dental amalgams, dental cavitations, pharmaceuticals, EMFs

  • Nutritional deficiencies

  • Allergens

What are the effects of an interruption in the flow of energy?

  • Poor cell, tissue, and organ function

  • Inflammation

  • Poor digestion

  • Abnormal hormones

  • Poor detoxification

  • Poor immunity

  • Changes in mood, energy, and sleep

  • Allergies

How can the flow of energy be restored?

First, the the interruption in the flow of energy needs to be detected.  This can be done by what is known as bioenergetic or energetic testing and/or medical intuition.  Dr. Ou developed his own system largely based upon the work of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt's Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T.)   A.R.T. is based on the science of biophotons.  Research has shown that each cell in the body sends out light, known as biophotons.  In a healthy body, the biophotons are all in sync with each other like an orchestra playing beautiful music.  When there is disease, the biophotons are not in sync with each other like an out of tune orchestra.  With A.R.T.,  the tester looks to see where biophotons are out of alignment and tries to look for solutions to correct the alignment.  Dr. Ou has figured out that biophotons have to be corrected in a specific sequence like a combination lock.  Determining this sequence is what led to Dr. Ou creating his own system of bionenergetic testing.

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