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Overview of Dr. Ou's Natural Healing Program

Dr. Ou's Philosophy of Healing

Dr. Ou's philosophy on natural healing has evolved over his 20 year experience with holistic medicine. (Note that like most ideas of holistic medicine, they are not currently accepted by conventional science and may be considered nonstandard by conventional Western medicine.)

  1. The cause of disease can be grouped into 5 categories:

    1. Toxins

    2. Allergens

    3. Infections

    4. Stress

    5. Diet

  2. Health can be thought of as the spokes of a wheel.  9 of the major spokes include:  

    1. Nutrition

    2. Immune / Inflammation

    3. Hormones

    4. Digestion

    5. Detoxification

    6. Energy metabolism

    7. Mind and Spirit

    8. Musculoskeletal

    9. Body Field - Energy and Information

  3. When a wheel is bent, usually more than 1 spoke is involved.  For healing to occur, all of these 9 spokes need to be evaluated and restored to normal over time. Many systems of conventional and alternative medicine fail when they only know how to address some of the spokes and not others.

  4. Changing the tension on one spoke can affect all of the other spokes.  Every part of the body is connected to and affects every other part.  This is another major reason why other systems of healing are often unsuccessful. 

  5. The results of genuine healing should be a consistent decrease in the need for medications and supplements, an increased sense of well-being on both a physical and mental level, and increased resistance to future illness. There should be improvements in energy, pain, hormones, inflammation, sleep, digestion, mental clarity, and immunity.

  6. According to physics and many systems of traditional healing, a system of energy and information underlies the biochemistry of the physical body. Some call this the body-field.  Stressors on the physical body simultaneously damage the body field. Therefore, for optimum healing, damage to the body-field must be corrected as well. 

  7. A good program of healing is designed to accomplish all of the above in a high percentage of people even with serious and complex medical issues with few, if any, adverse effects. This should be done with as few supplements and/or interventions as possible.

  8. Knowledge from mainstream medicine should be integrated with such programs to monitor or manage severe illnesses. Pharmaceuticals can be used when necessary and phased out safely when they are not.

Overview of the components of Dr. Ou's Program

Dr. Ou is constantly researching new therapies to help his patients. The core components of his program are:

  • Functional Medicine - This is a science based field of health care that deals with the underlying causes of chronic illnesses. It includes the following

    • Assessment of nutrition

    • Avoiding foods that interfere with healing such as sugar, high fructose corn, syrup, gluten, artificial sweeteners, and most vegetable oils.

    • Assessment of food allergies. Common allergens include wheat, dairy, and corn.

    • Assessment of the gut for enzyme deficiency and abnormal bacteria, candida, and parasites.

    • Assessment of hormones including adrenal, thyroid, male, and female.

    • Assessment of toxicity, such as from biotoxins, lead and mercury. (The vast majority of Dr. Ou's patients have exposures to toxins from microorganisms as the root cause of their illnesses.)

    • Assessment of inflammation and the immune system

    • Assessment for chronic infections.

    • Assessment of stress

    • Learning to avoid electromagnetic radiation which interferes with healing, especially that from cordless and cellular phones and wireless Internet.

    Functional medicine assessments are performed by saliva, blood, urine, and stool analysis.

  • Assessment and management of biotoxin illnesses based on the research of Ritchie Shoemaker, MD and Dietrich Klinghardt, MD.

  • Using conventional medicine as necessary to optimize health and safety. This can include diagnostic tests, referrals to specialists, and continuing, adding, or reducing medications.

Who is Dr. Ou's Program for?

People see Dr. Ou for many reasons including:

  • not being satisfied with the results of conventional or alternative medicine

  • frustration of going from specialist to specialist without finding a good diagnosis or treatment for their ailments

  • trying to avoid the side effects of conventional medicine

  • wanting a medical doctor with experience with what works and what doesn't work in alternative medicine

  • trying many supplements and alternative therapies, but still with poor health

  • trying other detoxification programs or energy treatments, but still with poor health


What is the typical patient who sees Dr. Ou like and how does he approach him/her?

Most of his patients have multiple health issues that mainstream medicine has not been able to address well. They often have a combination of digestive issues such as constipation and reflux, insomnia, depression, fatigue, brain fog, hormonal imbalances, hypoglycemia, inflammation, unexplainable neurologic symptoms, allergies, and pain, all at the same time. Many have over a dozen different problems. Most physicians have them on laxatives, sleeping pills, antihistamines, pain pills, blood pressure pills, anti-depressants, etc.

Most of conventional and alternative medicine is unable to approach so many different problems in a single person in an organized manner. Dr. Ou approaches all of his complex patients with one overall concept: something is blocking the healing process.

One of the first steps to improving health is good nutrition. Most foods in supermarkets and restaurants contribute to the toxic load of the body. Through analysis of blood and urine, Dr. Ou has found that most of his patients have a number of nutritional deficiencies. Most of his patients are found to have undiscovered food sensitivities through blood testing. Through advanced genetic testing, Dr. Ou has discovered that the vast majority of his patients have a genetic susceptibility to biotoxins which leads to uncontrolled inflammation and poor detoxification. Through DNA analysis of stool, he has found most of his patients have an imbalace of gut flora which among many things keep them from absorbing nutrients from their food and creates chronic inflammation. Through blood and saliva analysis of hormones, he has found that most of his patients have adrenal and thyroid abnormalities from chronic stress and inflammation.

It's important to not only identify the many possible causes of poor health, but to correct the causes in the optimum sequence. Correcting one area before it is ready can lead to a lack of improvement or even a worsening of conditions. Through systematically addressing different areas over a period of several months, it is possible for health to be gradually restored.

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