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Dr. Ou's office does not participate in any insurance networks.

Office visit fees

Every visit will have a fee for Dr. Ou's time which is called an office visit fee. An initial consultation is 2-3 hours. Follow ups are about 90 minutes each.

Due to complex federal laws, doctors who file insurance are restricted from posting their rates for labs and visits. However, you can visit to find out the "Blue Book" rates for Atlanta. Click "Consumers" then enter "30345" for the zip code and "99205" (Office visit, new patient) for the procedure code for his hourly rate..

  • We are not currently accepting new Medicare patients.


Supplements (never covered by insurance)

Insurance never covers supplements. They typically range from $200 to $400 per month.

Further details on fees can be found in the New Patient Paperwork located under the Contact tab.

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